25 September 2012


hey mom.

well, this past week was a cold one, with some rain. that cita we had fell through. but o well. o was about to be baptized on sunday, but called on saturday night and told us he didnt want to get baptized. so we didnt have the baptism this weekend. but, we did have three investigators in church. g, j and m. j is our most likely candidate for our next baptism. he is good friends with bishop and so we hope to get him baptized this week. as for newbies last week, we seem to have exhausted our resources concerning the members. so we unfortunately knocked a lot of doors. we didnt find a lot of new people but we are working. it is tough getting through to the end, but yeah, this last transfer is a hard one, knowing i am close to the end. i really dont have have much to tell you. love you mom!

elder jones

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