10 July 2012

hey mom.

so another week closer to the close of my time jaja. the new rule is
just for the zone, and the zone is just tandil and a small town called
rauch that is part of our zone. it sure aint easy. but we are pretty
much telling everyone in contacts that if they knew the church is
true, would they get baptized on this date? so we are weeding through
those who will and wont listen to us. and its not working out, at
least for me. yeah, tandil is the toughest area zone wise in the
mission. we havent had a lot of success here. not just me but the
whole zone. elder s is doing good. we just havent had success is
all. as long as we work i am fine. i know what i need to do and i keep
on doing it. we had divisiones on thursday and friday. i was with the
district leader here in my area, elder h. we found two new
people, both named j, and the older one is about 70ish. so we
talked for a little and shared part of lesson one with them. we also
talked about the healing power of christ. he had just had surgery. the
other j is his son i believe and he started crying at the end
during the prayer. so we are hoping we can help them get to church
this sunday. we also talked with l, which didnt turn anything
up. she said she already knows everything but just doesnt want to get
baptized. so we didnt have much luck there. we are still going to pass
by to try and help her but i have little hope there. we also taught
this less active family the first lesson. it was a great lesson. they
were participating and even the hermana at the end shared her
testimony and told us she knows she needs to try and work harder at
coming back to church. she knows she is wrong and she just needs to
put her back into it. but other than that, we didnt really have much
happen. so i guess that is all. i love you mom! take care and until
next monday! chauz!

elder jones
hey mom

well, sounds like things are still interesting there. here, i dont have much to report. the zone has made some changes here, in that we now have to put baptismal fechas with everyone we talk with. so we are going through a lot of people super quick. we havent had much success though. i really am just in a hard place i think, i am trying to figure out what to do but it aint easy. i feel as though i have plateued, not sure if i spelled that right but whatever. i heard that the new president was supposed to get here on friday, but he is having visa problems as well. so pres d is still here and the new pres got here and is here on a vacation visa. so it looks like pres d is staying here even longer than expected jaja. as of right now, no one is progressing. we are still trying with j and her older sister l, but nothing so far. i still dont remember his name, the new mission presidents. so yeah. we have been working our tails off. i did reach the conclusion though that i love empanadas. they are the best! well mom, stay strong as well. i love you!

elder jones