25 July 2011


hey mom

wow, nine months huh. o how time flies. well, this email is going to be short. we have some rain and lighting going on right now and the power just came back on. but not much new last week. we found a family of menos activos in which the mom is the only member. so i guess they are a part member family jaja.we had interviews with president on friday. those went well. well mom i love you! sorry its so short, i dont have much else for now. chau!

elder jones


hey mom. how is it going? i
not a lot to report. the week was kind of the same as the past weeks here in antartida. but i do have some funny things to report jaja. first, i was walking with my comp, and i am laughing. two dudes on a moto go by and one says "hey, why are you drunk" so i got called drunk while walking and laughing. second, we are eating at a members house. the mom, sister of the mom and a daughter live there. the mom and her sister start fighting telling us about their eating habits and that we need to drop the cane on the about the word of wisdom. third, one guy came up to us and told us that joseph smith wasnt a prophet, that he was acutally a drug addict. i laughed and kept walking. finally, a guy of about 85 years old pulled his pants down and and is about to show us his private parts telling us something is inflamed and all. i almost had a heart attack right there and then. and this was while we were teaching him! so all of this happened yesterday. i think its safe to say it was a great day. well, nico is starting to become a lost cause. i think we are going to drop him. after that, we really dont have anyone else who is investigating right now. i know there are people out there but i just got to go and find them. well, scripture of the week. alma 29:9. love you mom!
elder jones

11 July 2011


I am gladly accepting his challenge!! Love his positive attitude!

hey mom,
sounds like you are pretty busy jaja. but thats how we all are nowadays. well, another week come and gone. not much has changed. this area is a pretty hard area now that i really think about it. the members are amazing and all but the work is just going really slow. none of the investigators are progressing and we didnt find any body new. knocking doors sucks and we never have success. so we are left to passing my ex investigators and passing by members for references. i have the faith that something will happen but the work is not turning anything up yet. sorry i didnt write sooner, i was in a meeting we had as a distrisct to talk about how the work is going and how we can get better, right now my dl is elder vance. it seems to me he is a pretty good missionary. he really cares about our district and wants to help us. as of right now, i am studying in the book of mormon in ether. we put a goal for everyone to look up a scripture on the atonement ( it took me five seconds to think of that word in my head) and share it with the members each day. i challenge you all to look up a scripture you like about the atonement for each day this week. possibly share it with a friend or family member. be creative. we are in the process of finding new invs. and coming up with a lot of "shaft" but soon we will have the wheat! i love you!
elder jones

05 July 2011


happy fourth of july!
well, this last week was a slow week again, but it snowed! it snowed for a total of five minutes but it snowed! i was on divisions as well so i didnt have my camera but elder miranda took a pic with my camera of the snow for me. so i have a picture of snow. well, dario didnt get baptized, we havent been able to find him at all. since being thrown from his house, we cant find him. elder miranda and i are getting along great. not really anything new, just the same old working with the members and trying to find new investigators. there is a kid in the ward here who is 18 and we have been helping him out. he went on splits with the elders before i was here and heard a lot of doubts that the people the elders were teachng had and some of the doubts stayed with him. so now we are teaching to him. we told him to pray and ask for what he should do and turns out he did it. he got his answer and told us he isnt going to miss a day of church again! that was the highlight of this week really. just trying to get by in the cold here. i can see my breath inside my house. and the wind makes it worse. so i am very bundled up. well mom, i miss you and hope you have a great fourth of july! eat a hamburger or do something american for me!
elder jones