29 October 2010


Taylor was set apart as a missionary last Monday night by President Briggs.  Russ and his parents, the boys and I, and my parents were all able to be present when President Briggs did the setting apart and gave Taylor his blessing.  It was a special occasion!  What an example Taylor is setting for his four younger brothers!

Tuesday morning Taylor and I left for Provo.  I enjoyed the ride very much.  There were quiet times where I could just reflect on things (Taylor was enjoying his last naps) and there were some great conversations about different things past, present and future!  I wouldn't have missed the time with him for anything!  When we got to Provo we got him a new CTR ring and then visited with some long-time family friends before heading to my brother's apartment.  Taylor went to play basketball with my brother for a little bit and then back home for "lights out."

Early on Wednesday morning we got up and my sister-in-law said her good-bye to Taylor before heading off to work.  My brother, Taylor and I got ready and went our separate ways (my brother to class and Taylor and I to run errands) with plans to meet back at his apartment to take Taylor to the MTC.  I gave Taylor his choice as to what he wanted for breakfast and he chose Chick-fil-a (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess), so we headed to the mall and had Chick-fil-a for the second straight day.  We bought me a sticker for my car that says "I <3 My Missionary" and then we headed to the distribution center for some thermals.  Then it was back to the mall because we forgot to have him try on a raincoat that I wanted to make sure of on size for when it was time to send to him, and by then it was time to head back to Travis's apartment.  We had about 20 minutes at Travis's before we had to leave for the MTC.  Travis used that time to talk to Taylor and give him some advice and pointers and insight to the MTC, as Travis has only been home from his mission about 14 months.  I suggested we have prayer and Taylor asked Travis to say it.  I think that was because I am known for giving long prayers, but it backfired because Travis gave an eloquent, lengthy prayer that I appreciated very much!!  Then it was time to go.

The whole process only takes about two minutes at the curb to drop the missionaries off.  Some have wondered whether it is worth it to make such a long trip for that two minutes?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Both for the missionary (even if he doesn't know it at the time) and for the mom!  I am now anxiously awaiting the first letter from Elder Jones.  As soon as I receive it I will post it for all to read.  But as my last post said, and as he reminded me several times on our way up, "I am not a writer, Mom!"  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he answers the questions I've asked in my letters to him!

25 October 2010


So last week Taylor says to me, "Mom, you know, I'm not a writer."  I just had to shake my head, because when I asked him if he wanted me to do a blog for him, I specifically told him, it would mean he would have to give me some decent letters to post and he said he would. My intent, all along, has been to have the blog be a combination of my thoughts and his so that at the end of his mission I can have a book made for him as a special remembrance.  I'm hoping Tay will pull through and surprise us!!

17 October 2010


There will be an Open House for Taylor on Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Perry home, 7 Freesia, Las Flores.  We would like to thank the Perry's for opening their home and hosting this, and also thank Rose Putnam for helping to plan the food.  Taylor speaks the next day in church and then we leave for Provo!! My, the last two months have sure gone by fast!!  Taylor is going to be a FANTASTIC MISSIONARY!!!!

03 October 2010


Taylor went through the temple last Saturday, September 25.  His dad was his escort.  I also went through the temple with him that day, as did my parents (Grammy and Popo), my brother Matt and his wife Rachel, Bishop Loy, Jenny Chamberlin (who was my visiting teacher for years and has been a great family friend for many years) and Enia Castillo (the mother of Andrea Riggs, one of Taylor's best friends).  It was a beautiful day!


It took awhile but here is the video of Taylor opening his papers back in August! What an exciting time for the whole family!