30 May 2011


I am so grateful for the scripture reference that Taylor sent home this week!  Personal and family prayers are both so important in our lives!!!

well howdy do!

delia´s baptism went great. we didnt have any problems except for the fact that almost everyone showed up late. we had about forty people there. so it went well. elder beyer was the one who baptized her. we still havent taught nicholas yet. our plan tonight is to start teaching nicholas. he came to the baptism and i think he liked it. but we will see tonight. we also have another person whom we possibly could baptize this week. her name is yanina paletta. she is married to a member and has come to church regularly the past year and a half but doenst want to get baptized. she doesnt want to give up smoking or wine. but i think we can get a fecha with her this week because she wants to take the temple prep classes but bishop mancuzo said she cant until she talks with the missionaries. he thinks she will get baptized by talking with us again. so lets pray she listens to us! sorry, i dont have my memory card or the reader with me. i forgot them in the apartment. well, i am sorry but that is really all the excitement. we did divisions last week and i went with elder nolan while elder campos came over to be with elder beyer. nothing really big there. the citas elder nolan had set up pretty much all failed us. so we gotta work on making citas more strong. last district meeting, elder beyer and i gave the workshop in the meeting. so we shared some things from preach my gospel and then did practices with the rest of the district. so, i guess now thats about it. i wish i had more to tell you but thats about it. i love you mom!

elder jones

Find 3 Nephi 18:18-21 in the Book of Mormon here

23 May 2011


I am grateful Taylor sounds so upbeat this week!  I am grateful that he is so honest and forthcoming about things that are happening to him in Argentina too, I think!  I know my brothers didn't tell my mom about these kinds of things until after they were home from their missions.  I love my boy!  Keep him and all the other missionaries in your prayers!!

howdy partner
another week down. almost seven months in the mission. how the time flies! i dont know how it has gone by so fast. yes i got the package. all that remains is the peanut butter. elder beyer and i destroyed the candy in about five days. we thank you dearly. well, i had my first person tell me i dont speak well in castellano. it was delia, our investigator who is going to get baptized this week. she is the only one here who says i dont speak well. everyone else says i speak better than elder beyer. not being prideful or anything!
well, delia is still on her way to being baptized this week! our goal is to start teaching to her son nicholas. we have become friends with him i think but not really taught him anything. so we got to get on that. he is about 16 17. but that is the highlight of the work right now. be have eternal investigators who dont want to get baptized but still like talking with us. doing contacts here is not effective because the testigos de jehova are always where we are knocking doors. its ridiculous! we are trying to figure out new ways to talk to people and get members involved. o yeah, i almost forgot mom. we got robbed but dont worry. it was funny. so we leave a cita we had and its about five in the afternoon. still light out. we look across the street and see some punks just chilling on the curb. we look at each other and say, o great. were gonna get robbed. so we turn right, walk about half a block, then turn and walk another half block. then the kids catch up to us. so they start talking to us and stuff. then they start talking real fast saying "give us your money" and stuff to that affect. well, we didnt have anything on us. so we gave them a pamphlet and told them we would see them later. they didnt like that. so i put my book of mormon on the ground to show them i dont have anything. so they then go to tell me that i shouldnt put my stuff on the ground because it would get dirty. it was funny and we ended up running from them for about a block and stop to talk to two men on the side of the road and they ask us why we didnt knock the two kids out because elder beyer and i are big. but all in all it was funny! i thoroughly enjoyed it! we are being careful and there is no need to worry. i love you mom! pray that we find new investigators this week!
elder jones

18 May 2011


hey mom.

jaja it didnt seem that long to me this past week :) we have hot water! a member finally came to fix it jaja. well, we found a new investigator this week! we set a fecha for the 28 of this month as well! she already knows the book of mormon is true and we are going to do a family home evening tomorrow as well. o yeah, i am getting fat here in this area. i have eaten so much here! we are doing many family home evenings here this week which means i am going to be eating both lunch and dinner now. before it was just lunch. our baptism for this week fell. the guy moved out of the ward boundries because he got in a fight with his parents. so now we got nothing til the 28. but it will work out! the fossa family is doing well. we are going over there tonight to do a family home evening. elder beyer and i are doing well. so on friday we had zone conference. but it was with all three zones in mar del plata. so we had about 45 missionaries at zone conference. president detlefsen talked about visions. he said his vision for the mission is a new stake at the end of this year, two new stakes the following year and a new stake the following as well. and then in 2015, have a new mission which is mission mar del plata and mission bahia blanca. and then at the end of the year, we will have thirty more missionaries in total. so that means this mission is growing a lot! elder beyer thinks he is leaving next transfer and that i am going to train. i am a bit nervous about thinking about having to train! but the Lord knows best! well, thats about it. i love you mom. look up helaman 8:15. its exactly the same with faith. love you!

elder jones

Find Helaman 8:15 in the Book of Mormon here

09 May 2011


Taylor's email this week is shorter than usual.  I thought I would give a few of the highlights from our skype conversation with him yesterday.  Best of all he looks and sounds wonderful and happy!!!  He has a great companion, Elder Beyer.  He loves his new area, Mar del Plata.  The zones and stakes there were just reorganized according to Taylor, from two to three, which shows growth!  It is a city of a million or two people so very different from the country town of Cerri where he first served.  He says it is already very cold there and he has already had to wear the coat that it took me a long time to get him while he was in the MTC!!!  He said his apartment isn't the nicest (to put it mildly), he was supposed to send pictures today, but we know how that goes!  He says that in the week he has been in Mar del Plata he has only taken two showers (EWWW!) because his apartment doesn't have hot water and he can't stand the cold water.  My mom told him someone better get that fixed or they'll have her to deal with!  He says someone is supposed to be getting to it, but it has been this way for the last four months in this apartment.  His companion had already talked to his family and was making brownies with the member family the whole time we were skyping with Taylor, but we did at least get to wave and say hi to all of them.

All in all, yesterday was a pretty great Mother's Day!!  I am so grateful for a son who is setting a righteous example for his younger brothers.  I am grateful that he made the decision to serve the Lord and that he is happy.  I am grateful for the lessons he is learning and the man he is becoming!!!  I am also grateful for four other sons who make good choices on a daily basis!!!  There is no other calling like motherhood!!!

hello! it was good talking to you too. i got the pics. so today we went to cento in mar del plata. i bought two futbol jerseys. i also bought a thirty peso tie. it looks legit. i also saw burger king and mcdonalds today. but we ate at a restaurant called crip. it was soo good. i had a real hamburger. i was in heaven.

we didnt find anyone new last week. we are trying to find new people but its hard. we have a baptism planned for this week and i hope it turns out well. we are going to pass by him tomorrow. well, i dont have much else to tell you. i didnt bring my camera with me so maybe next week mom! i love you!

elder jones

02 May 2011



well, i did get transfered to... Mar Del Plata! i am in a barrio thats called Ant├írtida. its a ward as well. my comp is elder beyer. he is from bountiful utah. he is going home in october. so he has been out in the field a decent time now. yeah, i am excited to be in a new area. i needed a change of scenery. i am told the area is pretty big so i am excited! my last week in cerri was nice. i said bye to a bunch of members and took a lot of pictures and yeah. i am going to miss them. the members were amazing there.  but o well, maybe i will come back to argentina in the future! hint hint i want to jaja. we didnt find anyone new last week. fast and testimony meeting went great. there was only about 30 members in church but almost all of them shared their testimonies! i even got one of the youth to share his testimony after i shared mine! well, i feel like elder beyer and i will get along real well. we already are clicking in my opinion jaja. we are going to tear it up here! well i love you mom and i will try getting a hold of you soon!

elder jones

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