26 September 2011


Before I post Taylor's letter, just a note that I have included links in the sidebar to all of the talks that were given at the General Relief Society Meeting this last Saturday. I hope if you didn't have the opportunity to attend the meeting, you can find time to watch. I must say President Uchtdorf's talk was AMAZING!!

hola madre

another week down, tomorrow i have 11 months in the mission! its wierd to think that already. btw, the ciber here is not good at all. it took me about thirty mins to load the internet page. therefore i have no time really here to write you. we are still waiting on the apartment. the owner is drawing up a contract and all. the work was long last week. i dont really remember much happening this week. it was a lot of walking. i noticed today that my right shoe is starting to seperate in the front. i am going to have a floppy shoe soon jaja. well, guaymas family is ok. the kids came to church again but the parents didnt. we are still trying to get them to come. the siesta here is terrible. it could be worse than general cerri. i hope not. we have found new investigators but have had to drop them right after as well. you could tell they werent going to progress, they were to far into their beliefs. but we still invited them to church and everything. so now its just a hide and seek game. we´re looking for investigators and they are hiding jaja. well mom, i love you! take care!

elder jones

19 September 2011


hey mommie

sounds like you had a lot of birthdays back home. i miss the food! jaja. well tell everyone that had a birthday happy birthday for me, please? a typical p day. wake up, eat breakfast. study. buy groceries, make lunch. do laundry. take a nap. go to the ciber, write you. then work. then go home and plan and go to bed. sometimes we go to centro and look around to buy stuff, but i havent really bought anything yet. i am going to do trunky shopping at the end of the mission. the weather here blows. literally. the wind is blowing all the time, and there is a lot of dirt and dust. i have had a sore throat since i got here. my throat i think isnt handling all this dirt that well. so all last week i was sick. i had stomach pain and headaches. didnt work tuesday. but we worked the other days. i think the food here is different from the other areas. its not fun. believe me jaja. its starting to get hot here too. so in this area, the people dont understand me. i dont know if i told you that but they just dont understand how i talk. everyone in my last two areas understood me. but here noone does. so the Lord is humbling me a little bit i think.

onto the week. so, we didnt really have any success working until about saturday. the stake mission leader came out and did visitas with us and it went great with all but one of the lessons. we went by this familia. they are a family of eight, the dad, and two daughters are baptized. the mom still not and another son is not. so we are working with them. we went by with the stake mission leader and he basically dropped the cane on the dad. i felt it went horrible. so we got a call later that night from the dad. he sounded angry and he said we should call before passing by his house. normally we pass by whenever and they attend to us. so that was wierd. but yesterday, sunday, we had a lesson with him and figured things out. he told us what he was thinking and we solved his problems/doubts. and then last night, we found three people. a couple and a friend of theirs. they let us into their house and we came them a brief resumen of the first two lessons because they had a lot of questions. they also ended up giving us an asado! it was amazing. so we are going back to their house on thursday because he is in the military and will be gone until then. so yeah, we are here for now. still in need of newbies. i dont think that will ever change. but we are working hard. i have walked quite a bit here in toay. o and we may have found an apartment here! so i am praying that we get it. well mom i love you! take care! chauz!

elder jones

12 September 2011


hey mom.

well to start off, the bus ride from santa rosa to toay is about 20 mins. its not bad. but we are also looking for a house. we lose money having to pay for the trips daily. i have yet to fall asleep on the bus though. santa rosa reminds me of general cerri, in that the siesta is "holy" here as well. its big but not small. we have a lot of campo, but we stick to the more populated area, even though its a bit small. we live in santa rosa because the area was closed six months ago, and opened four months ago. so we are looking for investigators as of right now. we dont really have any solid investigators. we are tracting and looking like mad men trying to find people. i sunburned my face yesterday outside. we walked all day. only had one lesson with a recent convert. we dont get fed each day either. but, i know i am here for a reason. the Lord called me here to do something. i think it is to find people. so i am in the search. tonight we have a cita with a man. he told us that he has gone through a lot of things. so tonight we are going to teach him the restoration and how Christ can help him with all his trials, burden and afflictions. its going to be a great lesson. well mom i love you! chauz!

elder jones

05 September 2011


hey mom!

dallin is already gone. wow. i feel old. i cant have a brother in college. but i guess you are saying that about a son in college and one on the mission! reading the book of mormon is awesome. i bet you can do it three times in a year. i have read it about three times already. gets better everytime. so as you said, transfers came and gone. and i am officially an elder not in mar del plata. my new area is toay. its right outside of santa rosa in the province la pampa. it was a 12 hour bus ride. a very uncomfortable bus ride. but hey. i made it! i live in santa rosa and each day i travel to toay. it will be a pain later on in the month with money and all but o well. my comp is elder g. sounds latino but he is american. his parents are both chileans. he grew up in the states but for high school lived in chile. he also went to byu hawaii. and he is an amazing soccer player. so i need to see how amazing he plays. he is on his third transfer. so i am his second comp in the field. its almost as if i was training. but he is way legit. he already knows the language. so it will be awesome. and its not really cold here either. so i think i am set. all i gotta do know is get to know the place.

so my last week in antartida was a sad one. we tried to get four baptismal fechas but they didnt work out. a and a went on vacation to tucuman. so we could teach them. The other couple went to their lawyer to try and finish a divorce so they could get married but the lawyer wasnt there. they cant get baptized until married. so its a long process with them. but it was going well in my opinion. and on sunday there was 79 people in church. a lot more than the usual. so i was happy! presidente wants us to leave our areas better than when we got there. i honestly think it is better off now than when i got there. a lot of the families didnt want me to leave and it was tough saying bye to them all. i really loved that ward. but i am no longer needed there. i shall use my "skills" as a missionary and try to be the best tool i can in the lords hands. well mom i love you! take care. know that always i love you. until next monday. chau!

elder jones