28 June 2011


The headline this week doesn't come from Taylor's letter because the letter was so short!!!

hey mom!
well, this week went by fast. nico couldnt come to futbol. delia´s roof still is in bad shape. mar del plata is huge mom. there are close to 50 missionaries here. we mainly walk, take the colectivo and taxis.
i did learn a lot from zone conference. elder arnold told us a lot of good stuff but mainly as a mission, we found out that our planning is not adequate at all. we can easily achieve 180 baptisms a month if we change how we plan. we didnt find any new invesitators this week. but we are working with dario still. he didnt come to church but the bishop said we can still baptise him this week. yanina, well she is just not progressing. i dont think she has a real testimony of the gospel. i think she goes for her kids and husband. other than that, we just have to find new people and use the area book. well mom, i love you. take care!
elder jones

20 June 2011


As you read Taylor's letter this week, you might think some of his comments are a little more random than usual! He usually is answering questions that I have asked him and that is the case again this week. Specifically I asked him what he liked about about Argentina, besides the work he was doing, and what he missed about home. I laughed out loud when I got his email, not only for the bidet comment but because he told me to try gnocchi. As a lot of you know, I am very picky, as are my children. However, gnocchi is something that I like! Taylor wouldn't have known that though because I don't think he ever went to an Italian restaurant with me, other than Round Table Pizza! It is so good to know that there is hope for all the younger boys!

im doing well. elder miranda is great. i am understanding him a lot better now. it just takes practice. he talks a lot faster than argentines do. i miss from home the pepporonis and albertacos. i love that argentina has the badet. never need to use toilet paper again! i also love the ├▒okies. its a pasta dish. you should try it some time!
well, we found some new investigators last week! and we had two in church yesterday. one of which has a fecha for the 2 of julio. his name is dario. he is way evangelico but we are getting around that one step at a time. the other is named yanina. she is married to a member and still isnt baptized but has gone to church for about a year and a half now. so we want to get a fecha with her as well. we are still working with delia and nico. delia didnt come to chruch because it was raining and her roof doesnt really work well. so she stayed home tryiing to keep everything clean. we are trying to organize a game of futbol on saturday so that we can invite nico to meet all the young men. well, on wednesday, we have zone conference with elder arnold, the president of the area here in argentina. i am a bit scared that he may drop the cane on us as missionaries. but who knows. maybe he is here to just give inspiring words?! well, i almost forgot. delia said that nico and her have already noticed the differences in their lives since we showed up. so we are going to start being more directive with nico now. well mom. i love you! take care!
elder jones

13 June 2011


In the last couple of weeks I have had three people ask me about a word that Taylor uses frequently in his letters, "jaja" and what it is. So, in case there are more of you out there wondering, it is the Spanish spelling of "haha." I think I learned a lesson this week. I didn't mention anything about pictures in my email to him and he sent some!

Also, I wanted to let all of you know, in case you haven't taken the time to check, I have added several new links to different missionary blogs in the sidebar. Please take some time to view some of these different blogs and read some different missionary experiences! The latest one I added, just today, is the Chile Osorno Mission Blog. This is the mission where the volcano erupted in Chile. Also, I have been seeing emails all day long in the missionary moms group that the group of missionaries that was traveling to Argentina today is stuck in Atlanta because there is no air travel going in or out of Buenos Aires due to ash clouds and the missionaries that were supposed to be coming home are stuck in Argentina.  Some missionaries I heard had a 50 hour bus ride to their mission home (not in Taylor's mission but in the Buenos Aires North Mission) because they couldn't fly and that mission happens to be separated into two distinct areas. Please keep the missionaries in your prayers!


another week come and gone. yeah, i can see the ash clouds in the sky. my pants are fine, i had a member fix them. 

well, transfers have come and gone again. elder beyer left me and is now in bolivar with a different elder jones, which i thought was funny. i am now with an elder from columbia. his name is elder miranda. he is pretty cool. i have trouble understanding him though jaja. but it will just take time i guess. he started the mission at the same time i did, he only has been in argentina one transfer more than me. and i am now compa├▒ero responsable. watch out! jaja. thats cool that you had stake conference. we did as well! only our was probably sweeter. we only had a broadcast from the states to all of argentina. elder neil l anderson and boyd k packer spoke to us as well as two other people who i dont remember their names. but they mainly dropped the cane on the young men going on missions and the parents raising their kids in the church so that they can then know right from wrong. but it was awesome! that was the main event of the week. we werent able to find luis, estefania or start teaching nicolas. but its a new transfer and new week and so we can pick up the work! elder miranda and i are going to tear it up! we just need new invesigators. that is all we really need to pick up the work. so we are trying to figure out how we can find new people. well mom i love you!

elder jones

Taylor, President Detlefson and Elder Beyer

Taylor, Elder Beyer, Delia and Nicolas

Elder Beyer and Taylor
Deep in thought? 

06 June 2011


Loved Taylor's letter this week!  You know the old saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"? Well, this proud mama is happy!!!

well howdy do mom!

sounds like your having fun back home! playing tennis, cleaning, dismantling the furninture etc. the rubber shoe things are too small. so i have given them to a elder in my district. they were to skinny. the echoes i have are wider in front part of my shoe. they were like dress shoes covers almost jaja.. well todays p-day was amazing. we went to puerto, which is in our zone because we couldnt go to centro because its out of our zone. so we went to the beach/pier looking for sea lions. we found them of course. they smelled bad. then we went to the end of this pier and there was a big statue of christ and i got a picture of it. and while we were on our way their, i told elder beyer it would be cool if we would see killer whales jokingly. well, after taking pics and about to leave, i saw something in the water. it was a killer whale! so i saw killer whales today. that about made my week already jaja. last week was a fun week as well. i had my first experience with a dog. a dog came up from behind and bit my pants and ripped them at the heel. i was not a happy camper. i got real close to kicking it but it ended up getting bit by a rottwheiler so i was sastified jaja. we also saw the two kids who robbed us three times on saturday. that was funny because they just stared at us as they rode by. i laughed to myself along with elder beyer.

so on to the missionary work. we found three newbies last week! the first was luis, a neigbor of a member. his wife had died about a year and a half ago and we got into his house and taught him the first lesson. our goal now is to go back and teach him the plan of salvation and about how he can be with his wife for all of eternity as well as with his family. we also found a girl named estefania and her friend andrea. they were a bit difficult to teach because andrea wouldnt stop talking. so we want to go back and teach estefania because we think she is really interested in the gospel. delia is still going to church and she loves it. nicolas is a bit hard. he is at the stage where he thinks we are only there for teaching his mom. but we can change that. delia told us that nicolas took to us real well though. she says he doesnt really have any friends but that he does like talking to us even though its only for five mins at a time then he leaves. but we are gonna get moving on him! well mom, that is about all i got for this week. i love you and take care!

elder jones