28 March 2011


hola mama

well this past week was a good one. we found four new investigators. we have only taught them all once though and we are going to go teach them again tonight. about the photos mom, i havent tried to bring my camera to the ciber to send any photos, sorry. elder soderquist is great. he is from woodbrigde virginia. sorry, i dont have much time today, we got to the ciber late and now have a cita in five mins. that is pretty much my week. i feel like my castellano is coming along well and i am understanding people well. o yeah, we got about five references we are going to contact this week as well. so that means more new investigators hopefully! i just read 2 nephi 31 the other day and its amazing. talks about why baptism is important and why if christ was baptized, all the more reason we need to be baptized. sorry this is so short! diculpenme! chau!

elder jones

22 March 2011


well, we just had transfers. elder cox is now in necochea in his last area, i think his area there is keken. my new comp is elder soderquist. he is gonna be a great comp in my opinion. i think the work is going to pick up here. last week was ok. it wasnt our best though, we didnt teach many lessons either. but we do have one investigator right now who is getting close to being baptized. she is named baulina. she tells us how she wants a church in which there is no drinking or dirty dancing parties. we have told her well hey, this is your church! but she just havent received an answer yet. so we are working on that with her. she also needs to go to church as well. she told us she sells stuff on sunday mornings and we are going to teach the dia de resposo with her.
well, all i need to do is just find investigators. it was hard considering elder cox had already knocked all of general cerri. we couldnt ever really find places he didnt already try. but now its gonna go well. unfortunately that really is all i got for you. nothing big happende last week. just contacting and looking. thanks for the scripture mom. well i love you and i will talk to you soon. general conference is almost here! woohoo!
elder jones

14 March 2011


hola buen dia.

my shoes are doing fine. when it rains though, they get super dirty/muddy. my comp has a pair of galochas, or rubber covers he puts over his shoes that protect them from getting muddy. they are a great idea. hint hint jaja. my favorite food, that is a good question. i do like milanesas and the fideos (noodles) they make here. so far i havent really disliked a food. the only thing would be noodles filled with spinach. they are not my food of choice jaja. i weighed myself the other day and i weigh about 100 kilos. thats like 220 lbs. i think i have lost 20 lbs since the mtc. i havent really noticed any difference in people being gone on vacation. 

this week was harder than most. we had a total of 6 lessons taught. we didnt find any new investigators and got no new references. we have no progressing investigators and its getting tough. we even went out to campo to look for houses and found nothing. our goal was find many new investigators this week and get fechas for the last week of this month but nothing. it was tough on elder cox and i. we got frustrated with every rejection we got from doing contacts and noone letting us in. we are praying hard to get help with our work and to find new investigators. this is our main goal as of yesterday. references and new investigators. well that is all that really happened this week. the cut on my head is now gone though. so that is good jaja. well i hope all is going well. i heard about the tsunami and earthquake in japan. it very sad. we are praying for the people there. but we also know the mission work will pick up as well with helping the poeple! well i love you mom! chao

elder jones

07 March 2011


The highs and lows of missionary work continue...but Taylor seems to be handling it well.  He is learning and growing from it all which makes my heart happy!

And, while it is hard to know he got hurt, and I wonder if he shouldn't have had stitches or how bad the "cut" really is, at least I know he is still my boy through and through!!

buen dia.
hermana lanari told us that silvanva talked with them and that she already knows some members and i think the missionaries as well. daniel and ara are doing well as well. ara came to church and daniel had apparently went to campo with his parents. we only had one investigator in church yesterday. and it was melina, peter (a member) girlfriend who cant get baptized because of her parents. noemi, ara´s mom, and jorge didnt come either. we were sad when they didnt show. so ara had come by herself with the lanari family. yeah, we have taught ara´s mom and brother pretty much all the charlas and noemi wants to get baptized but she is juntada with another person. but it sucks because he is only there 3 or 4 days each month because he works in rio negro which is like 8 hours south. we asked jorge when is he gonna get baptized but he didnt say anything. we are thinking about restarting the charlas and trying to get a fecha with him. we dont have any fechas. actually that is a lie. we found an investigator the other day whose name is maria. she said she would get baptized if she knew this was the true church. so she said she is gonna pray and we are going to visit her tomorrow. baptisms i count as in my companionship. fast and testimony meeting was good. elder cox and i gave the sunday school class. i feel like we did well. i kinda went along reading the maual for teaching but it was good overall. i didnt mess up my words to bad jaja.
so we are being pressed to find more investigators. we are trying to find as many as we can. they want us to always be asking for references. references are the key to how mission work progresses. so always be on the lookout to give the missionaries references! it helps them more than you think! so we had about five citas we set up yesterday in the tarde all made by contacts. everysingle one of them failed. it was depressing. i feel like i have contacted all of cerri as well. but i know the field is white all ready to harvest. i know that with continued searched, the Lord will bless us with investigators.
so guess what happened to me yesterday. we were on the way to a cita. i was walking along the side walk, and while one walks on the sidewalks in argentina, you need to stare at the ground or else you will trip. well i was walking along trying to not trip when i hit my head on something. the way they do trash here is different from the states. they have poles with baskets on top in front of their houses where they put their trash so the dogs dont get into it. well i had hit my head on on of the baskets while trying to not trip. so i just keep going thinking it hurt. we get to the cita and elder cox looks at me and tells me i have a big cut on the side of my head. i now have a two inch long cut that starts just above my temple in my hair and ends just above my ear. one cant see it unless they look at me from my right side at my head. but i feel like everyone now stares at me when i walk around because i got a huge cut on my head. but o well. i know it will go away soon, i hope jaja. well, that is about it! i love you and hope all is going well!
elder jones