14 October 2012


hey mom. 

conference was amazing. i really loved it. although, priesthood session we couldnt see. so i have to wait til the liahona gets here. as for the talks, i loved president eyrings from sunday morning as well as elder hollands from sunday morning. elder holland had given a very similar talk in the mtc. i loved it. as for the past week, not much to tell. we had some good lessons with g, he came to sunday morning session. and wants to get married with his girlfriend. he has been living with her for 18 years already. so we are going to try to get them married this week or next. j didnt come to any sessions because he was working all weekend. he is a police officer. as for r, we couldnt find her sunday morning. but we had a good lesson with her and her daughter, l, which is ro's sister. that is all for now. well mom i love you! only three weeks!

elder jones

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